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Current Cases

Wiley Walsh P.C. represents employees in state and federal court. In 2016, we obtained one of the top 100 jury verdicts in Texas for a client as determined by In 2019, we did it again, winning, according to, one of the top jury verdicts in the state for our client. Also in 2019, Wiley Walsh, P.C. worked with the EEOC in order to obtain a consent decree regarding our client Jane Doe. Here are brief descriptions of some of our current cases. If you have experienced a similar situation, please call to schedule an appointment or fill out our online form.

Age Discrimination

Rhodes v. SevOne, Inc.
We represent Mr. Rhodes against SevOne, Inc. The complaint alleges that Mr. Rhodes was the only salesperson terminated as part of a reduction in force. This is in spite of the fact that Mr. Rhodes was on track to greatly exceed the quota requirements set for him. The complaint alleges that his termination was because of his age.

Unpaid Wages

Perry v. Knopp Nursing Home, Inc. et al.
We represent Mr. Perry against Knopp Nursing Home and related entities. The complaint alleges that Mr. Perry was not properly paid for the work he performed while employed. The complaint alleges that this failure to adequately pay Mr. Perry violates the FLSA and is a breach of contract.

Breach of Contract

Pamela Boeve v. Insuraprise, Inc. d/b/a Medigap 360
We represent Ms. Boeve against Insuraprise. The petition alleges that Ms. Boeve was fraudulently terminated in an effort to deny her of earned commissions.

Whistleblower Retaliation

Ethan Vestal v. Texas Health and Human Services Commission
We represent Mr. Vestal against Texas Health and Human Services Commission. The petition alleges that Mr. Vestal was terminated because of his reports of violations of law occurring within Terrell State Hospital.

Fernando Herrera v. Dallas Independent School District
We represent Mr. Herrera against Dallas Independent School District. The petition alleges that Mr. Herrera was terminated because of his reports of violations of law by teachers within his campus.

Robertson v. Intratek Computer Inc., et al
We represent Mr. James W. Robertson, Sr. against Intratek Computers, Inc., a federal government contractor. We allege that Mr. Robertson was terminated for reporting illegal activity including bribery of VA officials and use of insider information to get government contracts. We also allege that the defendants engaged in tortious interference with prospective business relations and tortious interference with an existing contract.

Gender/Sex/Sexual Orientation Discrimination

Mullenix v. University of Texas at Austin
We represent Professor Mullenix against the University of Texas at Austin. The complaint alleges that the University of Texas School of Law discriminated against Professor Mullenix because of her sex and engaged in Equal Pay Act violations by paying her over $134,000 less than similar male professor. The complaint also alleges that UT Law retaliated against her for reporting that she was not receiving equal pay.

Ferreira v. Chao, et al
We represent Maximillian Ferreira against the Department of Transportation and the Federal Aviation Administration. The complaint alleges that the DOT and FAA discriminated and retaliated against Mr. Ferreira because of his sexual orientation when he worked as an air traffic controller in Austin, Texas. We are co-counseling with Miami-based employment attorney Lowell Kuvin on this case.

Disability Discrimination

Alvarez v. Department of the Army
We represent Mr. Alvarez, a veteran, against the Department of Army. The complaint alleges that Mr. Alvarez was not promoted because of his disability and because of his complaint of discrimination.

Race Discrimination

Escamilla v. Elliott
We represent Ms. Escamilla against Sheriff Pamela Elliott and Edwards County. The complaint alleges that Sheriff Elliott and Edwards County terminated and sought criminal indictment against Ms. Escamilla because of her race and her report of misconduct in the Edwards County jail.

Perry v. Pediatric Inpatient Critical Care Services, P.A., et al
We represent Dr. Melvin Perry against Pediatric Inpatient Critical Care Services, P.A. and VHS San Antonio Partners. The complaint alleges that PICCS and VHS discriminated against Dr. Perry because of his race and sex. Further, the complaint alleges that Dr. Perry was retaliated against for reporting the race sex discrimination.

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