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Wiley Walsh P.C. represents employees in state and federal court. In 2016, we obtained one of the top 100 jury verdicts in Texas for a client. Here are brief descriptions of some of our current cases. If you have experienced a similar situation, please call to schedule an appointment or fill out our online form.

Breach of Contract

Climate Mechanical v. City of Austin
We represent Climate Mechanical against the City of Austin. The petition alleges that the City of Austin breached its contract with Climate Mechanical.

Pamela Boeve v. Insuraprise, Inc. d/b/a Medigap 360
We represent Ms. Boeve against Insuraprise. The petition alleges that Ms. Boeve was fraudulently terminated in an effort to deny her of earned commissions.

Whistleblower Retaliation

Ethan Vestal v. Texas Health and Human Services Commission
We represent Mr. Vestal against Texas Health and Human Services Commission. The petition alleges that Mr. Vestal was terminated because of his reports of violations of law occurring within Terrell State Hospital.

Fernando Herrera v. Dallas Independent School District
We represent Mr. Herrera against Dallas Independent School District. The petition alleges that Mr. Herrera was terminated because of his reports of violations of law by teachers within his campus.

Robertson v. Intratek Computer Inc., et al
We represent Mr. James W. Robertson, Sr. against Intratek Computers, Inc., a federal government contractor. We allege that Mr. Robertson was terminated for reporting illegal activity including bribery of VA officials and use of insider information to get government contracts. We also allege that the defendants engaged in tortious interference with prospective business relations and tortious interference with an existing contract.

Escamilla v. Elliott
We represent Ms. Escamilla against Sheriff Pamela Elliott and Edwards County. The complaint alleges that Sheriff Elliott and Edwards County terminated and sought criminal indictment against Ms. Escamilla because of her race and her report of misconduct in the Edwards County jail.

Gender/Sex/Sexual Orientation Discrimination

EEOC v. United Airlines, Inc.
We represent Jane Doe against United Airlines in this case brought by the EEOC on behalf of Jane Doe. We allege that Ms. Doe was sexually harassed by a United Airlines pilot for about a decade. This pilot posted photos, videos, and sexually explicit stories about this flight attendant to numerous pornographic websites. We allege United Airlines knew of these activities since at least 2011 but failed to take any action until the FBI raided the pilot’s home and the pilot pled guilty to federal cyberstalking.

Johnson v. Southwest Research Institute
We represent Ms. Johnson against Southwest Research Institute. The complaint alleges that Southwest Research discriminated against Ms. Johnson because of her gender and fired her for complaining about gender discrimination.

Disability Discrimination

Alvarez v. Department of the Army
We represent Mr. Alvarez, a veteran, against the Department of Army. The complaint alleges that Mr. Alvarez was not promoted because of his disability and because of his complaint of discrimination.

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